New Delhi: Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE would be resuming the class 12th and class 10th board examinations from today. CBSE Class 10 French, Sanskrit and Urdu examinations as well as Class 12 Hindi Elective examinations would be conducted across the country today. This is important since these are the first examinations after the paper leak fiasco engulfed the CBSE last week. On March 28, 201,8 CBSE confirmed the paper leak and announced re-conduct of Class 10 Mathematics and Class 12 Economics Examination. The issue quickly escalated into CBSE’s biggest nightmare. After re-assurances and many mock drills, the board has now placed a newer and tighter security mechanism for the remaining board examinations and put all the officials on high alert.

Sources have confirmed that CBSE is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that there is no repeat instance of malpractice. CBSE officials have been dispatched to the examination centers to monitor the entire examination process and check the facility for any possible infraction. Here are the new safety features in place to ensure no repeat of last weeks incidents happens.

No entry of students inside the examination center after 10 am

CBSE has sent out a formal circular to all the examination centers restricting the entry of students past 10 am on the day of the examination. A student, if late, would only be permitted inside the examination after providing a complete explanation as to why he/she is late. The examination centers are also required to provide complete information of the student to the CBSE before permitting the child. All are hence advised to make sure to reach the exam centers before 10 am today.

New sets of papers dispatched at all centers

CBSE has sent out a new set of question papers for the examinations which are scheduled for today. These question papers were handed over to the schools early in the morning. The centers also have access to the original set of question papers. CBSE would intimate the schools which set to distribute only after the admittance of students is closed. Till then no information is available as to which set is to be distributed.

CBSE Officials at Examination Centres to oversee the entire process

CBSE has dispatched officials at all the schools which would be acting as examination centers today. The CBSE officials have personally checked and sent reports to the Head Office. All the facilities have been thoroughly checked by the officials and reported back.

Another backup put in place

CBSE has also asked the schools to keep ready in place a backup plan wherein CBSE would be able to change the question paper at the very last minute. All the schools have been mandated to keep ready necessary material to print the question papers at the last minute. A safe room has been designated which would be under CCTV surveillance and the permission of entry is restricted. As per sources, in case CBSE sees necessary, it would send out the papers to the schools at the last minute and order them to take the print out of the day’s question papers and hand it over to the students.

Experts have acknowledged the security features as good initiatives but raised concerns over the ease of implementation of the same. Over a long run, notes one examiner, the board has to look at the logistics of the entire operations. To have possibly two or even three sets of paper read, notes another head of a school, is not always feasible. However, given the time, experts have given CBSE their consent. The CBSE class 10th 12th board examinations resume from today under these stringent security measures.

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