CBSE to probe allegations of Class XII economics paper ‘’leak”

CBSE to probe allegations of Class XII economics paper ‘’leak”

NEW DELHI: When a handwritten Class XII economics paper cropped up in teachers’ groups on a messaging service app on Sunday evening, they didn’t make much of it, believing it to be just another sample paper made by someone for student practice.

On Monday morning, however, the teachers were shocked to find that the handwritten paper was same as the one given to students during the exam. As the day progressed, there were talks about “another leak” in a CBSE exam.

A Central Board of Secondary Education official said the board would look into the allegations.

According to a senior teacher at a well-known school chain in Gurgaon, the handwritten set of questions was making rounds in teacher and student groups for several days, “but I never paid heed to it, because it looked like just another sample paper. Even I write and make sample papers for my students”.

Another teacher — the head of the department of economics at a private school in Delhi — said he received photographs of a handwritten manuscript in the morning around 9.30am but did not make anything of it. “Only later as teachers started getting their hands on the actual paper did we realize that the paper that had come to us was the same as the paper given to the students,” he said.

“Usually such question samples are circulated widely, and students ask teachers questions on groups. But it was shocking that even the numerals were exactly the same. This is usually not the case,” the teacher told.

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This teacher claimed that he, too, had known about the circulation of handwritten papers on educational groups he is a part of, “But I never perused through those photographs shared on the groups”.

Independently, the press tallied the questions written in hand with the questions in the paper. A large part was the same — even the question numbers and marks allotted to them — with the exception that there were no question choices given in the handwritten manuscript. While TOI is also in possession of screenshots of conversations where the exam paper pictures were forwarded in groups, the authenticity of the marked time-stamp could not be confirmed. A telephonic tipoff, however, of a paper leak came around 9.30am. The exams start at 10.30am.

A senior CBSE official, when informed about the alleged leak, said the board would look into the allegations.

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