Delhi is on High Alert!

Delhi is on High Alert!

NEW DELHI: It’s a busy week ahead for security agencies in the city. Republic Day and the Asean summit didn’t already have them on their toes, there’s the added issue of the release of Padmaavat“. The capital has been put on a high alert for the week. Sources revealed that there were multiple intelligence inputs of three armed men being headed towards Delhi. While the first input came two weeks ago and was ruled out, two more followed, with the same content but from different sources. This has forced cops to dig deeper.

As a result, Delhi Police is taking unprecedented measures to sanitize important areas. Not only are manholes being locked, but also stickers are being pasted on them. The command center, C4i, located at police headquarters, is keeping a close watch on crowded markets and vital installations.

The presence of 10 heads of states for the Asean summit has prompted the setting up of a massive security ring around the capital, with Delhi Police, paramilitary forces, intelligence agencies and armed forces deploying their personnel. A major challenge for the cops will be to coordinate the movements of the heads of states to the venue at Rajpath.

The stage erected for seating the guests is around 100ft wide — three times the usual aide — and will be covered by bulletproof glasses from all sides.

Police said the guests would stay at three five-star hotels along Sardar Patel Marg and Mathura Road. Police would strive to keep traffic disruptions to the minimum around these areas.

 The security unit of Delhi Police, which will accompany each leader with a convoy of 8-9 cars, has been briefed about the synchronized movements. Cops have been conducting drills during peak hours. On January 26, the guests will reach Rashtrapati Bhavan from where they will proceed to Rajpath around 9.35am. The arrival of each head of state will be staggered. Snipers and spotters from NSG and special forces will be positioned at strategic locations around the venue to keep an eye on suspicious elements. Visitors have been asked to be seated at least three hours before the event starts. Special arrangements have been made to prevent unnecessary snarls.

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