Delhi Police arrests ‘honeytrapped’ Air Force officer for spying for Pakistan’s ISI

Delhi Police arrests ‘honeytrapped’ Air Force officer for spying for  Pakistan’s ISI

New Delhi: The Delhi Police on Friday arrested an Indian Air Force officer for alleged espionage and leaking classified information to Pakistan’s intelligence agency, Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI, through social media. Following his arrest, Group Captain Arun Marwaha, who was reportedly ‘honeytrapped’, has been sent to five-day police custody.

Sources had said yesterday that the officer, who had been taken into custody by the counter-intelligence wing of the force for alleged spying, has been charged under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) and had been handed over to the Delhi police. This development came after the counter-intelligence of the force had questioned Group Captain Marwaha for nearly 10 days in connection with the case.

Sources said he had befriended the woman through a social media website.

The investigators from IAF’s counterintelligence wing were also probing whether he was part of a larger espionage ring being run from Pakistan, the sources said.

The officer was indulging in certain “unwanted activities” through unauthorized electronic devices which is against existing orders, sources had said.

The IAF officially did not comment on the matter. Punishment under Official Secrets Act entails a jail term of up to seven years.

(With PTI inputs) 

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