150 flights delayed, 25 cancelled due to Fog cover in Delhi

150 flights delayed, 25 cancelled due to Fog cover in Delhi

NEW DELHI: Dense fog hit both flights and trains in the capital with delays lasting several hours as visibility fell below 200 meters in parts of the capital. Over 150 flights were delayed, 25 were canceled and another 21 were diverted at Indira Gandhi International airport due to combined reasons of poor visibility and operational issues, officials said.

Railway officials, meanwhile, said the dense fog led to 51 trains arriving late on Friday and another 15 had to be canceled. In addition, 19 trains were rescheduled due to poor visibility.

Airport officials said fog was dense between 7.30am and 9 am when flights were hit the most, resulting in a backlog of delays ranging from 15 minutes to over 2 hours. During this period, 21 diversions were reported, out of which only two were due to fog, sources said. The remaining delays were a result of operational reasons. “A majority of the flights were diverted to Jaipur or Mumbai, however, most were for technical reasons,” said an official.

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