kurukshetra protest - padmavat

Kurukshetra: Though Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film ‘Padmavat’ has received a green signal by the Supreme Court and the censor board, the Karani army is still bent on banning the film. At 7 p.m. on Sunday evening, some masked men in Kurukshetra fiercely destroyed the Kessel Mall. 20-25 masked bikaswaras furiously for half an hour in the mall. It is being told that the youth came from the Sector-17 park. The youth broke the glass sheets of shops located in the mall with poles.

After the incident, all the youths ran away from the park towards the old bus stand.

The police is investigating the footage of the CCTV cameras of the mall. People had come to the mall on a large number of outside and outside the mall on holiday on Sunday.

Mall manager Ramesh Sachdeva alleged that the film Padmavat was to be released on Thursday 25th in the Multiplex of his mall. In the protest against this, the army has demolished the Mall. The police had assured them that there will be tight security in the mall waiting.

Haryana’s BJP chief minister ML Khattar said today his administration respects the Supreme Court (SC) order lifting four states’ ban on Padmaavat and will provide security at movie halls screening the film.

Khattar said – “We will give security to cinema halls that show movie Padmaavat. We respect the SC order.”

“If someone decides not to screen the film it will be good, but if someone screens the film, they will be provided security. It is our duty to comply with Supreme Court‘s order,” he added.

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