kamal hassan party launch

Madurai: Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan on Wednesday officially launched his party ‘Makkal Needhi Maiam'( People’s Justice Party), marking a new turn in Tamil Nadu politics.

“This is your party – for the people. I am not your leader. I am a device of the people. I am one who listens to your advice. Everyone in this crowd, this is a crowd of leaders,” Kamal Haasan stated, addressing the event attended by around one lakh followers.

Haasan has named his party ‘Makkal Needhi Maiam,’ which translates to ‘People’s Justice Front.’ The official party symbol shows six hands on a white background – three of them in red and three in white – holding each other with a star on a black background in the middle.

Colours black and white has a political significance in Tamil Nadu which forms part of the flags of the two big parties of the state—AIADMK, and DMK— and the shades are also seen as a pointer to the Dravidian ideology.

The party flag was unveiled just before Haasan announced the name of his party with a brief pause heightening the dramatic effect as the huge crowd roared its approval.

The official Twitter account (@maiamofficial) and the Facebook page of the party were also launched on Wednesday.

“The newly founded MAKKAL NEEDHI MAIAM is your party. It’s here to stay and to make the change we all aspire for. Guide us to serve you,” a tweet on the official party account stated.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and AAP’s Tamil Nadu in-charge Somnath Bharti were also present at the launch event.

(With PTI inputs)

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