Married Woman Ends Life After Writing Suicide Note On Her Arm

Married Woman Ends Life After Writing Suicide Note On Her Arm

Madhya Pradesh – A woman in Madhya Pradesh’s Ashok Nagar district ended her life over relentless harassment by a youth named Bobby, who is said to be the son of former Congress district head. The victim wrote on her arm the suicide note before hanging herself in the kitchen of her house.

The incident is of Friday when at 12:30 pm the woman’s daughter found her hanging in the kitchen and the little girl alerted her father.

More shockingly, the woman’s body was taken down three hours after the first call was made to the police. The 30-year-old victim, named Phoolbai Kushwaha, has written the suicide note on her arm blaming the youth for her death.

After spotting the body, the first call to the police was made at 12:55 pm, but when no one turned up another call at Dial 100 was made at 1:10 pm.Then at 3:30 pm, the body of the woman was finally taken down only after the top officials were informed of the incident.

The suicide note, written on her arm, stated that she was harassed for past three-month son of Dharmendra Choudhry, who was former Congress district head. Choudhry, however, has rubbished the claim of harassment by his son and demand a thorough investigation into the matter claiming it is an attempt to malign his image.

The victim’s husband told that he went to sleep in the afternoon after his wife told that she will have lunch in the kitchen. After 45 minutes, his 3-year-old daughter woke him up saying, “mummy is hanging in the kitchen”. Following that he alerted the police with the help of his neighbors.

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