All India Young  Journalists Press  Association (AIYJPA) is a platform for any Indian who aspires to make their presence in the field of Journalism/Mass Communication through academic programs.

AIYJPA is a concept visualizing artistic excellence built on an academic base.


  • To establish and provide a common platform to all freelance journalists from the different school of thoughts.
  • To gain an all India voice on issues pertaining to the national interest, identification and try the solution for problems of Freelance Journalists.
  • To establish, maintain and manage professional training institutions to impart training to ambitious youth and award credentials and testimonials to them.
  • To take an active part in the journalistic industry to achieve a common goal for the fourth estate and in allied areas.
  • To give a global perspective to Indian Freelance Journalists community and helping it to maintain and compete with the international journalistic pressures.
  • To bring out magazines, periodicals, and brochures to gain the status as the voice of Freelance Journalists in India and other allied activities.
  • To conduct seminars, workshops, and other skill development programs to develop sharper journalistic skills among new and practicing journalists.
  • To liaise with the Government on behalf of the members of the society on matters pertaining to the general interest of the fourth estate.
  • To conduct conference and interactive sessions for the members to give them the exposure of the latest trends and scope in the changing journalist’s scenario.
  • To institute trophies, medals and awards of appreciation for dedicated services journalism among Freelance Journalists and to encourage and innovate new ideas in the interest of promoting journalism.
  • To shoulder another social forum in promoting communal harmony and in issues pertaining to:
    » religious sentiments
    » consumer awareness
    » human rights
    » international disputes on social grounds
    » education and employment
    » ecological and environmental issues
  • To acquire, otherwise take over institutions with objects similar to those of the society and which are not run for profit and maintain, manage, develop, improve and to extend the same.
  • To affiliate, co-operate or associate to anybody or association or society, local or provincial for all India character in order to promote the objects of the society.
  • To institute awards for institutions or individuals belonging to any part of the world in areas as Arts, Science, and Philosophy to recognize their significant contribution in the specified area.

Join AIYJPA and contribute to the development of independent and quality journalism in India.

Contact – aiyoungjpa@gmail.com