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New Delhi:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with Bharatiya Janata Party leaders across the country, will observe a day-long fast on Thursday as a mark of protest against the opposition parties, whom the government holds responsible for the recent Parliament washout. On Wednesday, the Prime Minister appealed to the BJP workers, MPs and MLAs to hold the day-long fast today to “expose” the opposition parties who have been holding the “Parliament to ransom”. The Prime Minister, however, clarified that he would continue with the day’s programmes despite observing the fast. PM Modi advised BJP workers to hold the fast in their respective constituencies and also urged people to join them in their mission to expose “people who have destroyed democracy” by not allowing the Parliament to function.

As per reports, the Delhi BJP MPs advised party workers to not click selfies during the fast, not to be seen eating during the day and to ensure that food vendors were cleared from their areas. Party workers have also been advised not to observe the fast if they are diabetic. Meanwhile, the PM is expected to stick to his daily schedule and is going to work from his residence 7, Lok Kalyan Marg, the Indian Express reported. Later today, the PM is scheduled to travel to Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu to inaugurate the defense exposition. Several BJP MPs are expected to hold the fast at the district headquarters, while BJP chief Amit Shah will observe the fast in Karnataka where is on an election campaign. Meanwhile, union Health Minister J P Nadda will hold the fast in Varanasi, which is PM Modi’s Lok Sabha constituency.

Addressing BJP workers yesterday, PM Modi had said, “The people who couldn’t gain power in 2014, don’t want the country to move forward. They didn’t let Parliament work for a single day. They killed democracy & we will observe fast to bring their crime in front of the world. They have destroyed democracy,” Modi said in a broadcast message to MPs and MLAs of the BJP. “I will also hold fast. But I will continue my work. My programmes for the day will continue. I appeal that you too collect people and hold fast in your constituencies and expose enemies of democracy and people who have been holding parliament to ransom,”

The Prime Minister’s decision to hold a fast came after Congress President Rahul Gandhi observed a day-long fast at Rajghat in New Delhi on April 9 over alleged atrocities on Dalits, Adivasis, and minorities. However, Congress president Rahul Gandhi took a dig at the PM’s decision to hold the fast while also criticising the UP government’s response to the Unnao rape case, in which a BJP MLA is accused of raping a minor girl in Unnao. He tweeted, “The atrocities committed on a father who was calling for justice for his daughter in Uttar Pradesh has shamed mankind. It is to be hoped that the Prime Minister will hold a fast soon over the violence against women, the failure of law and order and growing anarchy under the BJP rule”.


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