‘Pregnant’ Woman Was Tied, Gagged And Gang raped By Three Men In UP’s Budaun

‘Pregnant’ Woman Was Tied, Gagged And Gang raped By Three Men In UP’s Budaun

Uttar Pradesh – A pregnant woman was gang-raped in Budaun on Friday. The survivor says that the miscreants stuffed her mouth with a cloth and tied her feet and hands before committing the crime. After they were done with her, they left her without clothes. The victim was rushed to the hospital where she remains in a critical condition. An inspector was suspended in the case.

The crime took place in Budaun’s Ujhani area. The victim Meenakshi (name changed) told that she was six-months pregnant. On Friday, around 6 PM, she stepped out of her home to tend to the cattle near the fields. Four men caught her and took turns raping her in the fields.

The woman says that when she protested, she was physically assaulted by the four men; they kicked and punched her without mercy. Her hands and feet were tied and her mouth was stuffed with a cloth. Three men – Poshaki, Goverdhan, and Sanjeev – gang-raped her while a youth held her down. After the incident, they left her there.

When the pregnant woman didn’t return, her worried husband began to look for her. When he walked towards the fields, he saw her lying unconscious, with hands-feet tied and mouth stuffed with a cloth, in a nude state

He informed the police and the woman was taken to the Budaun district hospital in an ambulance but seeing her serious condition, she was referred to the Bareilly district hospital. The accused were not arrested by the police even after 24 hours of the incident.

The woman has been severely injured. She has named three persons in her statement. It is being said that a woman is also involved in the incident. In the initial investigation, it has emerged that rape has not been confirmed and the woman is not pregnant. However, it can be said with certainty that she was taken to the fields where she was physically assaulted. The police are investigating all angles. The woman was married 12-13 years ago but has no child.

The accused will be arrested soon. Inspector Rajeev Sharma from Ujhani Kotvali has been arrested in this case.

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