Rape – A Stigma on the Society

Dear countrymen,

Not a day passes away we hear cases of molestation and rape, other crimes against women. How disgusting and shameful for a country like India? It seems as if the entire atmosphere has become polluted and lusty. Though we are living in an open society yet there must be no place for such heinous crimes against female folk. Despite the fact that the BJP Govt. legislated certain stringent laws yet they seem to be insufficient to tackle this menace and atrocities against womenfolk and children.

The entire onus goes to the Law and Order Machinery which is very sluggish in approach or either working under certain political pressures or from their seniors or from some local goons. These seem to be the reasons why the number of such cases remains unreported and not to talk of their execution which is blatantly missing. So the need of the hour is that there must be a check on the working of the law and order machinery and their accountability under the law must be fixed and duly set forth by the Judiciary which must contemplate one point that any laxity on the part of Law Enforcement and Execution Machinery shall be treated as abatement to that heinous crime and those erring Officials shall get the same punishment as that to a molester or a rapist because of their complicity well established.

Now the question frequently debated how to check such evils maligning our social fabric. To get rid of this menace the entire responsibility lies on the parents i.e what sort of education , teaching, preaching at home they have given to the children since their childhood to prove an asset to the society and for their family. If his son commits such gruesome act of molestation or heinous crime of rape and murder, his parents should also be taken to task towards their responsibility to the society and they should also be prosecuted for not upbringing their children in a discipline to become a good citizen and an asset to the society, the responsibility they must shoulder on and since have failed to check their children, they should also be shown/paraded on TV channels so that parents and their family members learn not to earn a bad name in the society and the children become vigilant of their acts and responsibility towards the society. Since it is a social problem but linked with crime. In such matters no parents should be spared irrespective of their stature or a privileged classed whatever, or otherwise it will be an exercise in futility.

Regarding undue political pressures to save the culprits under the law, a law should be enacted warning the politicians to keep their hands off in such matters until such time they are sure on concrete basis that an innocent person is being implicated wrongly or otherwise if their indulgence is somehow found in protecting the culprit for their undue pressure or influence on the Law and Enforcement machinery it should be seen as if their complicity in the crime and thus to protect the equality before law such politicians should be treated on equal footing with the culprits under the law if at all we want that the law and order machinery acts freely devoid of any pressure.

Electronic media, TV serials, Movies, Pornography:

They play a very eminent role in shaping the society. What is being served through this media take the form of practice in the society. All sort of nudity, hot scenes, kissing scenes, vulgar Ads are prevalent in TV serials, Movies and their Commercialization advocating nudity and in a race to beat Hollywood resort to such pleas. Our Information and Broadcasting Ministry is equally responsible for encouraging such a trend. Motivation is required to check such a trend. We must ask ourselves should we be a part of rape of Indian Culture. How to check this menace is a big question mark and deserve to be deliberated upon. Pornographic sites must not be allowed elsewhere on electronic media to avoid access to the children, students or man of any age. All laws whatever draconian they are cannot prove to be effective unless these roots are checked.

Implementation and Execution:

The law and order machinery must not make delay in registering such cases on one pretext or the other instead promptly come into action and must ensure that criminal proceedings are started at the earliest and at the same time Judiciary on day to day basis starts hearing and within 60days deliver its Judgment. In such cases capital punishment seems to be the way out to create fear in the minds of such vicious elements in the society. Apart from no MP/Minister should be given any amnesty under the law because they owe more responsibility towards the Nation and till such time proceedings are on against them they should be debarred from attending the Parliament and privileges enjoyed by them must be taken away till such time they come clean chit from the Courts. They must learn to live in such discipline.
Election Commission must take cognizance in such cases and must come out heavily on Political Parties.

If spirituality is concerned, everybody should bear in mind that we are the symbolic of Ardhnarishwara[ Lord Shiva] and not necessary that in the next birth also you can again be a man and not a woman. It is the principle of Nature that as you sow, so shall you reap. So be aware whatever you are doing today in actions those will revert back to you in future. When you rape and murder that girl/lady then you become utmost cruel to her and when you see halter then you start begging for mercy.


The Govt.s must ensure that Yoga classes and Judo classes as tool of defense particularly for girls students are begun in every school to be a part of syllabus irrespective of any caste, creed and religion, for oxygen in the body give rise to constructive thoughts and reversely carbon-dioxide brings negative thoughts, invariably essential to curb these negative perversions.

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