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New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday directed the Central government to seize the properties of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim in Mumbai. The apex court bench, headed by Justice R K Agrawal, rejected the petition filed by Ibrahim’s family members -sister Haseena Parkar and mother Amina Bi Kaskar – against the attachment of the underworld don’s properties, which are said to be worth crores in Mumbai. As per a report by NDTV, the properties, located in Mumbai’s Nagpada locality, belonged to Dawood, however his mother and sister, both deceased, had taken possession of it. Back in 1988, the government had taken over the property under the provisions of a law that granted the seizure of properties of smugglers, foreign exchange manipulators and their relatives, the news portal reported.

The government had initiated the takeover following the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts that resulted in the deaths of 257 people. Dawood’s sister and mother had challenged the takeover. The underworld don had fled the country after the blasts, and the concerned government departments initiated the process to take over the properties, NDTV reported. In July 1998, both the tribunal and Delhi High Court rejected the plea of Haseena Parkar and her mother regarding the matter, after which the two moved the Supreme Court. The apex court passed a status quo in the issue in November 2012.

The government has claimed that Amina Kaskar and Haseena Parkar had been given several opportunities to provide legal documents to prove that the properties were acquired through legal source of income but they had failed to provide any document to support the claim, BDTV reported. Seven properties were registered under the names of the two women, which were allegedly acquired through Dawood’s ‘illegal money’.

Dawood Ibrahim is the mastermind of the deadly 1993 blasts that ripped through the city of Mumbai on March 12 and is believed to be currently hiding in Pakistan.

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