sonu nigam

Last year when Sonu Nigam raised an objection to the Azaan, a lot of issues were created around it. From people slamming the singer to Mr Nigam speaking his mind about the issue, all was said and done.  And it looks like that comment still haunts the singer as his life is in grave danger. As per reports, fundamentalists group are plotting the singer’s assassination.

As per media reports, Maharashtra’s Intelligence Department has alerted Mumbai Police about the singer’s life is in danger. An advisory has been sent to the police stating that Sonu Nigam can be their target and that the group is plotting to assassinate him. Reports further add that the reports from the intelligence depart state that Nigam can be attacked at any public place or during an event or promotional activity.

Considering these reports, the police have provided special security to the singer, and the security around him has been beefed up. In fact, it is also being said that his safe will be considered of utmost priority by the police at any event.

Last year, when the singer raised an objection on the Muslim Azaan on the microblogging site Twitter, many religious groups had lashed out at him. In fact, he was also challenged to shave off his head and the singer did so. Even recently, Nigam made some strong comments on the National Anthem being played in cinema halls. He had expressed that he was not okay with the idea of it being played in theatres or restaurants.

Further to this, he had also added that “People should respect the national anthem of every country; we all should respect our national anthem. If the national anthem of Pakistan is played and all Pakistanis stand for its honour, then I will stand in honour of Pakistan and its people.”

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